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How To Take Apart Moen Bathroom Faucet

How To Take Apart Moen Bathroom Faucet

Remove the moen monticello bathroom faucet handle by lifting it straight up and off the stem. How to take apart moen kitchen faucet head.

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Expert advice on how to take apart bathroom faucets with illustrated diagrams of how a compression ceramic disc ball and cartridge faucet works.

How to take apart moen bathroom faucet. Turn the water off to the faucet youre working on. First turn off the water supply valves under the sink and place a towel in the sink to prevent scratches and to catch any dropped parts. This unlocks the handle from the stem.

Diy removal of a faucet that can be difficult to remove with a tip or two to make it easier. Make note of the positioning of the cartridge before you remove it. Hello dali67 and thank you for your interest in moen products.

Remove the metal clip from the top of the faucet by pulling the clip away with pliers. Video of the day. Hold the faucet handle with one hand.

If the cartridge is stuck pull harder and it will come out. Grab the top of the cartridge with the pliers and pull it out. Unscrew the brass nut.

Turn off the water supply to the faucet by using the shut offs under the sink or the main water shut off for the house. Ensure that you do not crack the housing. The moen 84506srn lindor spot resist brushed nickel two handle high arc bathroom faucet handle is removed by holding the lever handle in the off position and unthreading the base of the faucet handle counterclockwise.

Pull the faucet out of the faucet housing. Lift the handle off the faucet. Unscrew the base of the handle and remove it.

Youll need to place the new cartridge in the same position. With your other turn the base of the monticello handle counterclockwise. Remove the screw that was revealed when the outer housing was removed.

Then remove the handle. Remove the screw from the middle of the faucet handle with a screwdriver. Pull the cartridge straight out.

This step may not be applicable to your monticello faucet depending on the model. Use a screwdriver to carefully pry off the outer housing of the faucet. Installing a pullout kitchen faucet moen guided installations you moen pull out faucet disassembly and cleaning remarkable take apart moen kitchen faucet applied to your residence concept moen faucet wand disassembly model a112 18 1m.

Turn the water off at the two shut off valves below the sink.

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